3 International Dog Shows in Vilnius, Litexpo. 06-08 March 2020.

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A dog-loving society: Best practices and perspectives, 2017

International workshop „A dog-loving society: Best practices and perspectives“ in Vilnius, 6-7 March.


After their international dog show on the previous weekend, the Lithuanian canine organisation held a workshop on 6-7 March, which main focus was on the initiatives aiming at raising the awareness of the general public regarding dogs and their role in society.

After an opening address by Ramune Kazlauskaite, President of the Lithuanian canine organisation, by the undersigned, then by Sean Delmar, President of the Irish canine organisation and member of the FCI European Section, the audience could enjoy – and learn from – the presentations of a panel of speakers, all actors on the canine scene in educational projects, sport events or in the promotion of our four-legged friends.

Abstracts and info: http://www.dogdotcom.be/en/VilniusWorkshop.aspx