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National Children Art Competition „My Dream Dog”

International Dog Shows in Vilnius on 19 – 20 December 2015 organised by the Lithuanian Kennel Club as usual were attended by a huge number of great dogs, however, this time visitors were attracted by some outstanding ones whom they immediately nominated their favourites.


Indeed, they were remarkable and unique because these dogs were handmade by children.

A national children‘s art competition entitled „My Dream Dog“ that was organised by the Education Centre to the Lithuanian Kennel Club this year enjoyed highly active participation.

The exposition comprised 253 works that were created by more than 400 primary school children.

Thanks to the kids, their teachers and parents, the exhibition was impressive, it received tremendous compliments and gained deep appreciation.

„We were amazed how vivid kids‘ imagination is, therefore it is hard to generalise the diversity of dogs children dream about. Still, the variety of sizes, colours, shapes and materials used not only proves that the participants have fully realised their creative inspiration but also showed their affection and care for animals“, says Augustė Daukšienė, a Project Manager at the Education Centre to the Lithuanian Kennel Club.

All contest participants, their teachers and parents were invited to the show.

Together with the show visitors, participants and dog breed judges they voted for their favourites in special nominations, enjoyed the exposition and joined numerous activities aimed at the young community at the Education Centre stand.

After two days of voting the ballot box was completely full, which posed a challenge to the vote counting committee.

The jury consisting of a children‘s art professional, an animal behaviour counsellor and a dog breed judge worked separately and selected the winners of the three main prizes.

Main prize winners are:
1st prize – “Interactive Dog” by Milda Auguste Savelyte (8 years old).
2nd prize – “Mossy Dog” by a group of 8 year old children.
3rd prize – “Clay Dog” by Mintare Jankauskaite (8 year old).


Daiva Kvedarienė
Photo by Guoda Kavaliauskaitė